Private Lessons 

One-on-one lessons are a great way to understand material in depth, more precise and sometimes in a more timely manner.  My sessions can be delivered in a couple different ways: In person when avaliable, video conferencing and pre-recorded videos following a personalized curriculum to each student. You can find more information below.

ALL ages and levels are welcome and incouraged to inquire about lessons, coarses and other material here at Connect with me here on my contact page. Let's play some drums!

Popular Topics:

  • Beat / Fill Creation
  • Limb Independence
  • Notation - Beginner/Advanced
  • Drum Chart Interpretation / Creation 
  • Solo Construction
  • Rock, Jazz, Latin, Blues, World Music Genres
  • Hand and Rudiment Studies
  • School Music/College Prep
  • Recording Techniques and Editing
  • Programming MIDI/Samples
  • Structured and Unstructured Curriculum 
  • Click Based Performance Music

In Studio - Remote Video Streaming - Pre Recorded Curriculum

In Studio Sessions

In-Studio lessons are the most sought after when avaliable. These one-on-one sessions allow for the best comunication and will usually involve two drum kits, a P.A. system for playing to songs/examples, a white board and any pre-planned instruments and/or modules.

Remote Video Streaming

Remote video streaming is a great time saver as it bridges the gap of being many miles away, bad weather , scheduling restraints and getting to remain in your own environment. You will need a Wi-Fi connection and can use a mobile device such as a mobile smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer. 

You can use : 

  • Acoustic Drum Set - All you need to do for this is point your mobile device/computer at your drum kit as the audio and video will be processed automatically.
  • eDrums - If you choose to use an ekit there are a couple ways to make this work conveniently. 1. In order to hear your eDrums and communicate verbally with me you will need an external speaker. 2. If you choose to plug into a mixer you will need headphones, a microphone to speak to me and in some cases (iOS devices) will need a TRRS splitter. If you need further instruction on this type of connection we can connect further.

Pre Recorded Curriculum

All students are entered into their own personal "Drum Folder" here on You can choose this option specifically or in combination with meeting in person or video conferencing. This option is to present guidance on specific topics and curriculums where videos and material can be placed in your folder and students can master these ideas to submit videos back for evaluation.