I use the Anytune app exclusively for teaching and transcribing! You can find this powerful app for iOS and desktop. 
 Check out these features and videos on how I use Anytune in my lessons. You can even trigger Anytune to loop sections of song for performance!
Use Anytune to slow down/speed up your transcription for precise focus and phrasing for the ultimate in making music "practice perfected"."

DOWNLOAD Anytune for iOS: iPhone, iPad

DOWNLOAD Anytune Desktop

The many features of Anytune:

  • Quality Slow Down and Speed Up
  • Loop Markers and Song Markers - Layers
  • Pitch Up / Tune Down - Semi Tones and Fine Tune
  • ReFrame - Pinpoint EQ to "Crop" Your Instrument
  • Step Trainer - Gradually Speed Up Practiced loop
  • MIDI Trigger / Loop Live Performance 

Learn the "ELEMENTS" (drum parts) to the songs below using Anytune.